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Dec 21, 2014 5:21pm
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I just did a yoga workout out called the lower body booster or something similar and my mobile says i have burnt 167 kcal , is that even possible?? I didn't sweat!! Thank youu

21 Dec
Sweat is not what burns calories and yoga, although great, doesn't burn major calories because most often it does not put your body into fat burning. However it is possible to burn 250<fewer calories doing yoga
21 Dec
There are a number of ways to calculate calories burned. The most precise and affordable one is to get a heart rate monitor. This app uses an algorithm bit depending on your metabolism and fitness level it could be less... or more. My suggestion get a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and read about the cardio and fat burn "zones". Hope that helps and enjoy your yoga sessions.
21 Dec
How do you talk on community ???
16 Apr
Hi Ashley, you are burning calories just by sitting or standing. You don't have to sweat to burn calories. If anything, it depends on HOW MUCH calories you want to burn.