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Mar 11, 2015 11:37pm
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I am looking for a good beginners yoga program. Does any one have one. I am not very experienced in yoga but have been told that it would be good for me due to my injuries from the military. So any info would be great

12 Mar
Try the 10 day beginners tour in the Daily Yoga app. It's free. You'll learn the basics of yoga and be able to move on from there. There are a few yoga programs on Skimble, but they often don't have thorough enough explanations for beginners. Do the Daily Yoga beginners tour twice, try other sessions on it and then choose from the yoga sessions and programs available on Skimble. I also suggest finding a Sun Salutation for beginners video on YouTube, since sun salutations are the foundation of yoga. Good luck!
08 May
Anna W is right I use Daily Yoga also....the yoga 10 day tour will get you accustom to preforming each pose correctly......breathing for beginners, meditation, sun salutations, standing & seated routine are my fav sessions
16 Apr
Hi Todd, Silvie, Verified Trainer, here. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Since you have injuries, I'd highly recommend you consult your yoga practice with a teacher and then come back to an app type of guidance. Let me know if I can be of a further help.
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Mar 12, 2015 11:29am

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