Coming back to yoga

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Jul 28, 2015 11:26pm
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Trying to restart my fledgling practice, but still having resistance from self! Though I HAVE progressed in growing more consistent in other areas. I want to do this. This is foremost about my home practice. No studio's close enough to walk, but sometimes going out to join with others is fun. LOVE aerial yoga. Would love to set that up at home. I also enjoy kundalini and power yoga, and want to try yoga nidra again. Thanks, everyone, for reading, and writing! ~ MsBootcamp DC
30 Mar
Hi Msbootcamp D., thanks for sharing! Establishing a home practice is challenging, but possible. The most important step is to start. Schedule your time into your calendar. Step on your mat and start moving. Check out a collection "Time of the Day" You can find more collections here Keep me posted!
30 Mar
Merci, Silvie! : )