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Apr 4, 2016 4:15am
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Idk how to get rid of it. I can be 105 and still have the fat or skin that hangs over my jeans. I am currently 160. 5'5". I recently lost a child and went into a depression. I want my life back and getting healthier will help me to get back on track. Anyone have any suggestions

04 Apr
the first thing i would say let God be your strength. ...if you are a christian turn to your church for guidance and support....before you start your workout .God bless and try to see life from a positive side .
04 Apr
Firstly and most importantly ... so sorry for your loss : ( can't imagine that kind of pain and it's definitely a lot to deal with. I'm glad you've chosen to rise above the heartships and try. I'm struggling myself with a muffin top even though I have no kids yet. I've read one can't choose where to lose weight but I've seen mommy channels on YouTube and they've said things like doing cardio, waist training, and certain collogen serums that can be bought to tighten saggy skin owing to childbirth . Jovon gives some great advice below too. and...
04 Apr
Yeah jodie. You're correct your body will lose fat wherever it sees fit. You can't spot reduce specific areas. As for the other serums, waist trainers etc. I've seen a lot of marketing for stuff like that but I'm willing to bet a pretty penny they don't work. Just like fat burning pills they don't work. Unless you are taking clenbuterol or something like a prescription thyroid activator. But don't do that! Just saying what works and what doesn't.
04 Apr
as long as the core root of the problem is not taken care of it will never be solved...depression make people crave, craving make you add weight because ,if you dont solve the depression you would craving matter how much you workout the muffins tommy will still be there hurt to loss a child i know the feeling ...lost we lost 1 before it was born and still hurt ...couldnt do anything until i could rediscover myself with the help of positive people around me my church and family. ..then the energy to workout came back .it sad...
04 Apr
Hi jodie sad you dont understand the relationship between exercising and depression ....The internet is there for you to do your home ....exercise,fitness and workout are directly connected to ones inner body energy. ....if the inner body energy cant cope with the intensity of the workout there will never be result really dont know the kind of depression she is going through. ..the core problem must solved before introducing her to any workout regime. sure am a christian and i believe so much in my faith.when i had the same problem my wife almost lost her life because she...
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Apr 4, 2016 6:23am
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I'm sorry about your loss. I can't imagine what that may feel like.

However.  Muffin tip is stubborn fat. Won't come off for awhile depending on a few factors. Training regime/ consistency, nutrition and of course genetics. If I wanted to cut body fat in the fastest way possible.  I would be doing cardio (hiit and steady state) everyday and hitting weight training 3X a week but doing full body workouts. Also, I think I would opt for the Warriors diet. If you aren't familiar with it, Google it. You can message me and I have a link saved somewhere for the free ebook. By reading that book you will learn exactly what stubborn fat is and why it's there in the first place.

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Apr 14, 2016 3:52am

Hi Jenni. I'm so sorry about your loss. Try to avoid processed food since the body tends to store fat and sugar from this kind of food around the waist. 


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