Have a cal in, cal out question...

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Jul 3, 2013 6:41pm
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Ok for the past few days I've been burning 700-1000 cAls in a workout.

My daily cAls are around 1200-1400 a day so I'm netting about 400 cAls a day give or take.

Is this ok or should I add more cAls to my diet? I don't want my body to go into starvation mode, but I also want to burn as many cAls and as much fat as possible.

Any info would be great. Thanks
03 Jul
Keep it around the 1400-1500 range if weight loss is the goal! Stay well above 1200 :-)
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Jul 3, 2013 8:06pm
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Don't forget your basal metabolism-- calories that your body burns just to function.  Is around 1000 calories each day, so you should be adding that to the calories you burn from exercising.  Don't starve yourself.
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Jul 3, 2013 8:08pm
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Yeah I didn't even add that in...I'm not starving or even allowing myself to get hungry. It's helped that I've cut out sugar and soda and processed foods. 

But like I said I worry about it having a neg effect. 
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Jul 3, 2013 9:15pm
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Eat more! Stay atleast at your basic methabolic rate. This amount of intense cardio and dieting isnt the best combo.

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Jul 3, 2013 9:33pm
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Thanks Anthony....I don't know if I can eat more,,lol maybe I should just cut back on the intense cardio and keep my cals where they are. 

My lose it app says I should be eating 1200 to lose 2lbs a week :) ugh I hate math.. Lol
04 Jul
What does that app say is your bmr? Does it take your daily cardio/activity into consideration? So basicly where is that 1200 based on? Its so strange but everyone here (the woman) who ask questions about the same subject seem to be on a 1200kcal diet. And none of them seem to know why. And for none it seems to be working the way they hoped. That must be a sign we cant ignore :-)
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Jul 4, 2013 10:38am
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He lisa. As i see you are willing to listen let me put a lil bit of extra information in your topic.

The key to losing weight (prefered fat, not muscle) is to create a negative energy balance. They way we do this is to put les calories into our body than it uses. And this over a certain amount of time because this process aint fast.

How do we know how much we consume? And way more important, how much should we consume?

Our basic metabolic rate is the rate of energy our body uses to function. This number is different for everybody! Its pretty easy to calculate with the right formula (google it). For me it is arround 2200 kcals. So what does this mean? For my body to maintain all normal processes it needs to have 2200kcals of daily energy. Next to our bmr every person also has a number of what we burn on a daily basis. So takin into consideration all our activities and moving arround. This number can also be calculated. Google is our friend again. This is the 'enemy number'. This is the number we have to beat to create a negative energy balance.

What i feel is the best way to lose the most amount of FAT and at the same time dont lose too much muscle is to go 20% to 30% beneath what your body burns in a day. Alot of times you will see the number 500kcals. I rather go with percentages because 500kcal for a big fat man is not the same as 500kcal for a small fat girl. Now we know how much we can eat its time to calculate what we are eating!!!

Negative energy balance.

So now you know why 'we' count the calories. The goal is not to go as low as we can without feeling extremely hungry. The goal is to create a negative energy balance. An other way is to increase the amount our body burns (cardio/getting active). In an ideal situation the whole negative balance would come from cardio and being active. But since this is hard to do its not really realistic.

Eating not enough

A rule thats very important to remember, the body is always smarter! Always! This is the reason crash diets only work for a small amount of time. When not supplied with enough energy the body will find its own sources of energy. It is too bad but the stored bodyfat is the last resort for the body to get its energy from. Over time the body will do two things. The first is getting more effecient. This means shutting down or slowering bodyprocesses. You dont really have to notice and this doesnt have to be that bad on the short. But in the long run it will give problems. And it will be verry hard to recover. Anorexia patients as an example have a very hard time to recover from the problems eating extremely beneath their bmr.
The second thing is the body will extract energy from other sources. Muscles! Having strong muscles is less critical to survive than the body functions. So the body will take energy from the muscles to use in other places.

You will lose more weigt on the looks of it by going really low. But what is this worth when a great part of it is muscle?

I could write so much more but this is it for now. When you got questions ask them!

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Jul 4, 2013 1:06pm
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Thanks Rappa!!! 

I know with the app I'm using it changes cal intake based on how many lbs you want to lose in a week. If I put in 2 lbs it drops my cAls to 1100 if I put in 1.5 it gives me 1400 cAls

I think when I calculated my rate it was 1700 for body function. 

I ate 1600 cAls yesterday and was still in low net. I'm just going to cut back on the amount of cAls I'm burning each day. 

I am also doing 30 day shred which has some weight training so I'm hoping I'm not burning too much muscle :) 

Thanks for taking time to type all that info. I am willing to read, listen and follow good knowledgeable advise. Unlike so many others I've seen post :) 
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Jul 23, 2013 8:16pm
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Yes,  the magical 1100-1400 calorie range the app spits out is based on 0-2lbs loss/wk, using your gender,  age,  height, and weight in a simple BMR calculation. This will give you a decent 'ballpark number' for people with similar numbers in an average population. Everyone's exact BMR is different based on their current muscle mass,  genetics,  environmental conditions, etc., and even this will vary some day by day. They recommend only 2lbs a week because that is a pretty effective loss rate over time to keeping it off.   You'll initially lose faster than that, then it levels off as your metabolism adapts to the change,  and you'll need to trick it again by swapping up your Workout and diet routine.  There is research out there that suggests to swap it up a little every 4-6wks based on when you feel like you are hitting those plateaus.

Extreme calorie restriction can be counter productive because of the evolutionary 'check and balance' dance our metabolism plays to keep us alive, by working as efficiently as possible in times of famine...( Lol... like we in America have any clue what that is like.)  One way to stimulate fat burning is to limit your sugar intake.   If your body can't maintain a glucose blood level 40mg/dl from carbs you eat,  it will burn fat stores.   The best way to limit burning muscle is to workout and just as important is to drink lots of water to dilute ketone metabolites from your system,  (which are the byproducts of fat metabolism).  High levels will kick in that survival metabolic mode,  so just keep it diluted by drinking plenty of water,  or other caffeine free beverages.

Glucose homeostasis.. (balanced blood sugar)
  Your body does this by monitoring your blood sugar levels with the balance of two hormones: insulin and glucagon.  Insulin production tells your metabolism there's a high  presence of glucose (sugar) levels in the blood, producing a so called 'fed state' instructing your body to pull the sugar out of the bloodstream and for cellular energy and stores all the immediate excess in your fat cells. Insulin's sort of 'opposite' molecule, glucagon, signals that the body is in it's 'starved  state' of having low blood sugar.  Increased glucagon levels are much better for weight loss because it will cause your liver & cells to squeeze out little bits of glucose within the fatty acid building blocks that make up fats.  This is what we want in order to fit in those size 8 jeans. So with my 1200 calories diet,  I am trying to keep it lower than 25g of sugar/carbs,  to keep the fat burning cycle revved up,  along with working out, and plenty of fluids.  (It isn't easy, especially when my daughter fixes a big bowl of popcorn or ice cream right in front of me, but my main carb sources are mixed greens, raw veggies,  and a few in my coffeemate creamer,  which I'm using as my 'sweet fix'  with added splenda. The drawl back is having to up my water intake to offset the diuretic effects of the caffeine,  but I try to work it in.  Drinking liquids has never been my thing,  have a bad habit of sipping on something all day, and sometimes sabotage all my hard work by not keeping those circulating ketone metabolites diluted. )

That's the basics,  probably more than you cared to read already.  *grin.  For further reading, you can look up the metabolic pathways of insulin,  'gluconeogenesis' and the hunger/fullness roles of hormones leptin & gremlin..... Lol.... if you are really,  really bored on a Sunday afternoon, anyway... lol)

23 Jul
Thanks so much for the info. I hate all the calculating that goes along with losing weight
24 Jul
What helps is to create a few days on forehand. So on a high carb day you know you can have 80gr of rice 200gr chicken and the veggies of the day as dinner. On a low carbs day dinmer will be only 30gr but you'll have more chicken. This kind of planning gives you freedom. Since you only have to create like 5 low carbs day dinners/lunches/breakfast. And 3 for the highday. You only have to select what you want for that day. And since you created all meals with the same macronutritiens you only have to follow the...
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Jul 24, 2013 4:38am
I recalculate my BMR every 10 lbs or so, just to make sure I don't hit a plateau / get drained of energy. When I was almost 180#, my daily intake was 1200 cal vs. 1k burned, give or take. Now I have 3-4 1k cal burn days per week, and I try to change it up s much as I can. Aside from my 5 mi morning ride, which is the norm now. I'm down to 169#, and can eat 1500 cal/day, but for some reason, i'm not hungry enough to eat that much! I don't like the "to"o full feeling, so i've been sticking closer to 1250-1300.