I wanna compete in a fitness competition SOO badly!!!

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Jul 24, 2013 5:08am
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Motivation & determination is what it takes! I have none. :( I've lost 26lbs & seem to be stuck. Haven't gained or lost weight in close to 5 months now. In the past 2 months I've worked out more & started eating clean. I do good for a little while then find myself off track & back on again. I'd like to lose at least 20-25lbs but gain muscle & tone up at the same time. Over the weekend I went to the NPC Battle on the Bay competition in Corpus Christi, Texas. IFBB Pro Bernadette Galvan was the promoter & organizer of it & wow did it just make me wanna work harder. So I made this insane goal to compete in the same competition this time next year! Staying motivated & dedicated is my biggest problem. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated :) please please help me reach this goal that most girls would never even wanna try!!
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Jul 24, 2013 5:32am
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You cannot build muscle and loss weight once you've plateaued in your workout and diet.  You will start to gain weight once you start building muscle, but I order to do that you must bring yourself to muscle failure.  The tearing of the muscles is what cause the rebuilding of your muscles to be bigger and stronger.  You can use supplements like creatine to help with the healing of your muscles, but only in moderation.  Also you should have a trainer to motivation you and advise you for safety reasons, cause improper exercises can result in a sports injury and recovery time can be a while.  I hope this will help you.  Good luck my fellow Texan. :)

24 Jul
Lol! As you can tell I'm not very good in this world but i completely get what you mean. Muscle weighs more then fat therefore just maybe that is why I haven't really lost weight but I can REALLY see that I've tightened up in some areas & gained muscle in my arms, legs, & torso. I don't have a long way to go, just get lazy sometimes. Shoooooot I'll compete at 151! Lol jk I'm sure with alot of hard work & a trainer, in a year I'll be ready for this competition, but not at 151 ;)
24 Jul
How do you tear your muscles? I know it's probably a really stupid question, but I've heard that before and I wanna know what it means and how to achieve it.
24 Jul
O, the tearing of your muscle is really what is doing on when you go into muscle failure. It is what you feel after a hard workout and the adrenaline starts to wear off. That pain on your muscle that lasts for 1 to 2 days. I hope that helps. ;)
24 Jul
Also the best way to lean up and tone is to become a runner. Runner burn up the most calories, because the heart rate is sustained for a longer time and at a high pace around 160-170 BPM. Find a running group and learn techniques and training regiments to help you at. I started running and was able to loss 60 LBS in 2 months. My BMI was 32 and now I am 21. :)
24 Jul
Running is no problem for me. I've always done it. In high school I did cross country soccer & track. BUT that's where I slack the most. I'll do a workout but get lazy to run. It's bad I know considering I AM a runner. if I can be more consistent with my running Im sure it would help so much more.

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