How much should I train and which workouts ?

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Sep 4, 2013 1:46pm
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Help mee! I really have no clue how much I should train and which workouts I should do..:/ could you guys give me some tips? Or just tell me what I could actually do.
I'm new with this app but I'm actually pretty sporty. I have good pacing.
Can I get notifications from the app what I could do at the moment? And how can I do that?
What I need to include is that I haven't got the pro version...
Thank you already for your help!!!

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Sep 4, 2013 2:00pm
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Depends on what your goals are. I'm infantry so I depend on having endurance and functional strength. I run three times a week and hike two times a week. I use the TRX trainer, do bodyweight workouts, and yoga for flexibility.  I would start doing basic bodyweight exercises and walking. Those will get your body slowly into exercising without the overload. So it should look like this:

walk 20 mins
Total body workout


Repeat monday


Repeat monday

This is a basic beginner's schedule. Once this workout becomes easier, you can add more workload such jogging and weights. Since you said you're 'sporty' you can adjust it however you need.

04 Sep
First of all thank you for the help. This is right that what I was searching for. Thank you. But I've still got a question..should I do workouts during the weekend? Or is it to rest?
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Sep 4, 2013 8:05pm

How your body adjusts to the workout schedule will determine if you push it into the weekends. I wouldn't until you are comfortable with working out every day on the weekdays. I have one big workout on Saturday and then on Sunday is nothing but rest and stretching. So take the rest as needed and when you are ready step it up. Too much, too soon will lead to injuries. Don't forget to drink water, eat right, and get enough sleep. It helps the body recover so you can hit the workout without any issues.


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