Ab workouts vs tummy size loss

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Oct 2, 2013 11:47pm
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I wanted to remove my tummy fats but I don't want to have visible abs (like ones of the magazine models tummy). Is it possible? What should I do?

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Oct 3, 2013 1:57am
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haha don't worry about that. You're not gonna suddenly get muscles by accident, especially abs.

Doing ab exercises is very healthy, your core is very important in healthy posture. However, doing ab exercises isn't really effective at losing fat, in your belly or elsewhere.

You have to combine cardio and diet to burn fat off. You can't choose where it disappears from either, exercises which claim this are mistaken. The only benefit to working an area with the idea of burning fat off is the side effect that it gives the muscles there a healthier shape.

I recommend calorie tracking using myfitnesspal. I've been losing weight with it where I wasn't before even with a healthy diet and exercise.

And seriously, don't worry about muscles. The work and dedication it takes to get abs like you're talking about ensures that nobody is gonna get em by accident, and most ppl won't get em if they even try.

Plus, for a woman it's even more difficult to get to a point where you have big/defined muscles, you have to do all sorts of very specific scientific supplements and difficult diet and training, so don't be afraid of weight training and looking like those muscely woman in those body building magazines, it's just not gonna happen. Weight training is good and if you can you should do some.

But to lose fat you gotta do cardio and watch your diet.

03 Oct
Thank you!:) Now I understand, so what my friends are saying is most likely wrong about sit ups/ab workouts. They told me to lose this fat is through sit ups/ab workouts, since one of them did it and I saw she came up building visible abs. (Which I do not want to happen). Your comment really helps me for another idea in addition to my goals of losing fats/weight. :)))
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Oct 3, 2013 3:12am
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Patrick is right.

Cardio is the way to go with these goals but more importantly diet.

Want to know the secret to losing fat?

Eat less and move more

03 Oct
Thank you! I'll note on that Edward. :)