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Nov 12, 2013 4:53pm
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I'm starting to run! My goal is to run a half marathon in May. Couch to 13.1 miles! Who else runs? What are the best cross training or strength exercises to help improve running time, posture, stride, endurance, and all around be a better runner? Thanks girls :)
12 Nov
Hi Maggie, I run and actually just created my own running team with the businessI just opened and I tell my girls that planks are your best friend!! Elbow plank, regular planks, side planks, because of the core workout it gives you and when you have a strong core, you can run better, lift your knees higher which helps prevents shin splints and balance and stops injuries. You can also do my workout called 'Scrumptiousness' that I created on here and that will help tremendously!! Always remember to warm up and stretch, that's very important and if you want to...
12 Nov
Thanks! I'll try that :)
27 Feb
I do interval training on the treadmill, and have made some gains, been doing 5ks, and went from 32 minute to 26minute 5ks, my interval, is 5.5one minute 6.0 for a minute 6.5 for a minute 7.0 for a minute 7.5 for a minute 8.0 for a minute 8.5 for a minute 5.0 for two minutes repeat five times for 5k training but I'm sure you can adjust for any training, I love it, it works well for me
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Nov 13, 2013 1:46pm
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Don't be afraid to take on hills! It'll work all different parts of you legs and back then running flat. Yoga is awesome. It helps you control your breathing and tighten your core. There are even flows designed specifically for runners! You just gotta look:) I've gotten up to running 4 miles every other day:) best of luck to you!
17 Nov
I ran but I change my routine,I do jumping jacks before after push ups after ,I ran 3. 2 miles or more ran for 15 minutes walk 2 minute,go up/ down hills,and hiking and I injoy all of it.
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Feb 13, 2014 7:53pm
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I so cross country so I have some tips. Keep your back straight while running, when going up a hill drive up your knees and raise them up, drink water in sips not gulps.
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Feb 16, 2014 12:01pm
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I've just completed c210k and now also heading for 21k.
Rest days are important (you can work other muscles) as is stretching - afterwards. For improving speed try fartlek. Good luck.
Don't overtrain on running, shin splints are not funny and will mean an enforced break putting your training on hold.
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Feb 27, 2014 4:11am
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Do hips core and legs workout pratice running form breath correctly and maintain a good pace stay hydraited eat of luck in may.