Lady pack?

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Nov 14, 2013 7:31am
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Over the past year, I lost 40lbs. I reached my goal of 130-135lbs. My next goal is to get that lady pack. You know, that subtle four/six pack that women get. Do any ladies know how to get it?

I already do P90x: Ab Ripper X and it just keeps my stomach flat without any muscle definition.
14 Nov
Add weights to your ab work, medicine ball, plates ect... should see results in 2 weeks...
16 Nov
Planks give you that flatter abb look that looks really good on girls. Set a goal and try to hold it longer each time. There's also leg lifts that help a lot. If you want them really defined there's always crunches and sit ups! Also, make sure you're eating right! Hope this helped