For the woman who dont know where to start!

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Dec 23, 2013 12:39pm
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Hello ladies,

This is a topic for all the women on this app who want to start weightlifting or are alrdy doing so but dont see the progress they would like.

I want to say, no i dont have any ties or whatever to this. I just think its a great company giving straight advice.

The asnwer you are looking for is fighter diet.

Its a diet + workoutplan which has proven to give great succes. Its run by Pauline Nordin, a former bodybuilding pro who is working to figure things out for a long time. Even several pro's and professional fighters are following her plans and getting good results.

What does it stand for?

Heavy lifting with some great butt and legg workouts. Next to a healthy and practical diet. Focussing on eating veggies and meals that are easy to prep and follow.

So for all you ladies who would like to read some good information, get some guidance and start to know what you are doing in the gym and get some great results.

Take a look on
Or on twitter or facebook.

I have bought 2 of her plans for men. And i can say, its straight forward and gives all the info to get you started!

23 Dec
thanks for telling that:-).
23 Dec
Lol...Ill look into :-)
06 Jan
Rappa I believe u r better than this. In Greece we say... Everything in moderation is success
24 Mar
Hey Iphi what you mean? Better than this? I dont see anything wrong with pointing ppl into a direction that i believe is a good one!
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Dec 28, 2013 12:55am
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Ladies dont sleep on this one. Even for theĀ  not so gymbunnies there are a few packs focussing on nutrition which can help you get succes.

Since there are so many topics about calories and what kind of foods to eat. Dont sleep on a programme that has proven to give answers :-)