5 1/2 months from Surgery for a torn ACL(need suggestions)

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Dec 26, 2013 6:55am
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I am looking to regain strengh back into my body also my legs and knees... Doc said it normally takes a year to heal but I think he screwed up anyways by pinching a nerve..

SUGGESTIONS on how to start getting back into fit???

I drink lots of water and eat 3 meals a day.. Over all my heath is very good.. Just need to get my body active again...

Your help would be appreciated.. im into sports, but have to be careful with the knee.


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Dec 26, 2013 7:59pm
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Did your MD refer you to Physical Therapy after surgery?  Following ACL surgery most MDs have a protocol for return to activity and even how far you can bend your knee to ensure the ACL heals and does not get stretched out too quickly. If you push things too fast too soon you may end up back on the operating table.  Consult with your MD or PT for what you are allowed to do and when you can progress

27 Dec
Hey thanks for replying, yes I had been with a PT worker but had stopped going sense I had gotten very busy with other things. ? Anything to do at home stretching it is what I was told, im able to bend it, but the muscles are very weak in it.. I am in a cold state and the weather bothers with it.. um, but I neal, bend it and do what I was taught to do from PT... just would like the strengh to get back through, sleeping hurts because I seem to try to want to bend it...