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Jan 9, 2014 12:36am
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I've made it through eating disorders and severe depression. I was anorexic and then bulemic. I got the help I needed and I'm working on being strong and healthy. I still struggle with the depression but I've learned to take things day by day. If I can make the choice to be healthy so can anyone. It's all about how you choose to look at things:) yoga helps me stay in shape physically and mentally. I believe each and every one of you can make you goals! Good luck with your journey.:) have a great day!;)
09 Jan
im agree
09 Jan
Hey.. That's a wonderful thought to be shared Kency.. Thanks a lot.. I've been mentally disturbed and coming out of it is pretty hard for me. But getting inspirations from guys like you will surely benefit me. I'll try changing my attitude towards life. Have been apprehensive throughout.. Need to come out of cocoon soon to start a new life.