Healthy or not?

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Feb 13, 2014 3:45am
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I'm 5'10" and weigh 120 lbs. Is that a healthy weight for my height? If not, how can I lose weight?

13 Feb
Depending on your build and frame the average weight for someone your height ranges from 135 to 170.
13 Feb
You definitely don't want to lose weight! I am 5'8 (or 5'9, depending who is measuring me) and weigh anywhere from 140-144lbs. This is a healthy weight for me. I am actually pretty thin. If I lose anymore weight, I look sick. I use to be in my 120's and people asked me if I was anorexic. With you being taller than me, you should not be in your 120's...
13 Feb
Thanks guys, lately I just feel like I've been looking a little chubby, I just wanted to make sure I'm healthy!
13 Feb
Work out but focus on gaining muscle that will tighten up the areas you are not liking and make you gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat always remember that.