Dancers stretches !!!

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Apr 23, 2014 2:40pm
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Hey any dancers out there? I've been working on this for a while but I need stretches to improve my butterfly stretch !! Sometimes I do it for an hour a day ( I know that's not healthy I know...) but no improvement whatsoever . It really bugs me. What do I even need to get my flexible to be able to do
That stretch??? Is it my inner thigh muscles ?
25 Apr
Hi I'm 13 and I've been dancing for 11 years, here's something that's good for the butterfly and your turnout. This can be done watching TV, laying in bed, resting in the middle of a workout....ok, so your going to sit in the butterfly position and lay down while keeping your legs in that position, completely relax your hips and let gravity do all the work...if you would like to know any more stretching things ill be happy to help:)