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Jun 28, 2014 7:54pm
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Hey guys and girls, I need some opinions on clothing..so my bf and I live in an apartment and we were going downstairs to get clothes. I was wearing his tshirt (which is long on me just past my bum) and gym shorts which are pretty short but by no means show my whole bum or are very tight. He thought it looked a bit too revealing but we were just going to laundry room..am i in the wrong here? Opinions and thoughts please?

I should add too they are the type of shorts that if ur bending some more skin might show but nothing skimpy! Lol

28 Jun
You're completely covered and no cheeks hanging out of your shirts then you're fine.
28 Jun
Kk thanks for the feedback :)
28 Jun
Honestly, I think that's fine. You're not mooning anyone or anything.
30 Jun
I completely agree :-)