How to tone back of leg muscle

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Nov 13, 2014 5:20am
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I want to tone the back of my leg my right below your butt the muscle how would I do that?

13 Nov
Try lifting with your legs. Push weight with your legs it will help tone your legs
13 Nov
The big lower body lifts: squats and deadlifts! Not body weight moves, you need resistance to see some real change but these two will do it and there's so many variations of each one! No weights, load a back pack with rocks, hold 5 gallon of water over your head, load up a suitcase with books...anything to give you some resistance including resistance bands
15 Nov
I don't agree with Anthony, the body doesn't recognize whether you use a kettlebell, a barbell, a dumbbell or your bodyweight. If you do a full pistol squat would be the same as squatting with a barbell loaded with your bodyweight. Never read Pavel tsatsouline's 'naked warrior'? Or 'convict conditioning' and 'C-Mass' by Paul 'coach' Wade? It's just a myth that with bodyweight and calisthenics you can't build mass :) so go ahead with squats, wheel pose, half bridges, lunges and dragon squats if you don't have access to any equipment. Kettlebell/Dumbbell swing, deadlift and weighted lunges if you have...
Nov 13, 2014 6:15am
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You mean your hamstrings?

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Nov 15, 2014 8:44am
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Horse riding,any dancing will help here

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Nov 15, 2014 8:45am
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Nov 15, 2014 9:54am
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Good mornings are excellent for toning the back of your legs/hamstrings. Just make sure you look up how to do them correctly and don't go too heavy until you get used to them.. You'll really feel it the next day if you do them correctly

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