Yoga benefits

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Dec 10, 2014 7:28pm
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I was thinking of starting yoga, but I would like to know what the benefits are

10 Dec
I hope someone who knows what they are talking about has an answer to this because I too would like to start yoga or maybe even tai chi. from what I gather from the great google, these are some of the good things yoga can do for you.. * Increased flexibility. * Increased muscle strength and tone. * Improved respiration, energy and vitality. * The maintenance of a balanced metabolism. * Weight reduction. * Cardio and circulatory health. * Improved athletic performance. * Protection from injury.
10 Dec
And sorry for being in the "Woman's Locker Room" LOL, I just saw the bread crumbs up top. I answered on this because it was also in the active forums list
10 Dec
Thank you!!
10 Dec
No problem, at least I got a reply ;-)