Overweight and fed up.. Need your help!

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Jan 7, 2015 10:59am
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Hi I'm Renée and I had a baby almost 2 years ago. I gained 60 pounds and it's a lot harder to lose weight now then before. I'm planning a wedding and need to lose 70 pounds in a year... Is it possible and if so how?

07 Jan
You can do it! Make sure your eating right! :) and get some workouts in!
07 Jan
Same here that's why I started off slow my body is hurting now do I keep working out or rest ... I didn't do nothing last night.. I know working out helps but I been tired from my first day of working out ... its like it made Me SLEEP ...
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Jan 7, 2015 3:25pm
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Definitely possible.  Healthy rate to drop weight is .5 lbs to 2 lbs a week with a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Set short term goals leading to a long term goal.  Start with basic exercises and low intensity cardio 2 to 4 times a week...

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Jan 7, 2015 4:58pm
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It's all in the planning!!! I had the same goal back in 2013 & planned the first 3 months, week by week, day by day. I knew what workouts I'd do each day and gradually modified my eating to incorporate less and less crap. 
Quite simply I started doing HIIT cardio (intense stuff) for the first 3 months - when overweight you initially lose a lot of weight fast which feels great. I started on 10-15mins per day, increasing by 5 minutes when I felt up to it. After the first month I cranked it up and was doing up to 45mins-1hour a day of intense cardio. 
By the third month I switched to the gym and lifting weights and never looked back. 

My advice..... Write down everything you eat each day and assess it, start cutting out the crap & introduce healthier stuff (I lost 20lbs just by making small adjustments along with working out. Too many fail because they try to eat clean too fast & the brain freaks out!!!)

Start following people, check their created workouts or do a skimble program to get you started 

Finally... I live by one rule when it comes to cardio.... IF I AIN'T SWEATING BUCKETS I DIDN'T DO IT RIGHT!!!! Live by that rule when trying to lose weight and you'll begin to see results... Add cleaner eating to the equation & the fat will melt away leaving behind a sexy-assed mummy!! 
Jun 25, 2015 1:08am
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You start with instense stuff when you're a newbie ? Why ?

- Im have 3 kids, need to lose about 25kg to reach my goal weight. #needhelpbad

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Jun 25, 2015 2:37am
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It's very doable to lose that much in a year.

I think u should maybe start with more cardio excersizes then slowly move on to the more intense workouts.

And keep at it we'll be cheering for you, and I'll dance at ur wedding.