Injured knee

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Jan 29, 2015 7:16pm
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Yikes, so long story short. I went jogging on Tuesday and fell on the corner of some nice sharp concrete and now my knee is mangled. I'm somewhat accident prone, but I've never had a knee injury so I'm unfamiliar with how this will affect me. It's sore to touch and I can't put any weight on it, but walking doesn't seem to be a problem. I tried riding my exercise bike yesterday and I started off fine, but after about 20 minutes in I could barely bend my knee. I know I should give it some time to heal but I can't stand not working out for too long (otherwise I quit for a week or two). Any suggestions for exercises I could do or knee injury type situations would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day, guys. Have an awesome workout today!
31 Jan
Well yes get it checked out but you can also do low impact exercise like stationary bicycling , bicycling, or swimming its also good for cardio
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Jan 29, 2015 7:55pm
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My suggestion is you go to a doctor and get it checked, make sure nothing is wrong!
If it's all good give it time to heal cause you could just irritatte it and it would take longer to heal!