to protein or to not protein

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Feb 5, 2015 8:06pm
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Protein shakes a yes or a no and what's the difference between the whey protein and regular protein shakes?

06 Feb
Depends on what your goal is.
06 Feb
If it is to have stronger muscles or general strength yes. Other than that it's probably not useful.
06 Feb
Protein is important and if used as a meal replacement can aid in weigh loss and if you're trying to gain mass and can't hit the daily amount of protein by just food then go ahead and use it to fill the gap. Whey is very fast digesting and beneficial for the body after a workout as it gets into your bloodstream quickly and repairs the tears making your muscle stronger. Idk what you mean by a normal protein shake but I hope the rest is helpful. Make your own shakes the store bought ready made are often high in...
06 Feb
Extra protein from shakes can aid in muscle recovery and actually helps boost your metabolism. Be careful to get the right type as some are designed to help build mass while others are better used as a nutrient supplement. So short version: definitely! Just explore your options and get the one that fits your fitness goals!
12 Feb
Protein for sure!
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Feb 5, 2015 8:12pm
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Regular protein shakes are most likely whey. No matter what your goals are whey can help. Go to I'm sure you'll find something the suits your needs.

05 Feb
Thank u but will it make me fat ... I'm asking because I have an uncle that's really into his body and he used to take protein shakes and well he got super fat
05 Feb
In short no you want. Here's an article I think you should give it a read.
05 Feb
that's a good article, I've read it before.
05 Feb
Sorry auto correct. Wont* and yeah it is I always tell my female friends to read that whenever they have doubts about protein.
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Feb 5, 2015 8:22pm

I always like to 'whey' in (get it??!?! sorry) on this kind of topic...

Protein powders are heavily marketed and can be extremely useful for some people but my eyes were opened regarding WHY a person should drink protein shakes after reading a long list of research...

(1) You should try to get all your carbs/protein/fats from food. Why? Because food has a lot of other nutrients and the body burns calories trying to digest it

(2) You don't need to drink protein shakes if you only do cardio, and drinking them instead of eating food is only recommended if you are 'on the go' and don't have time to eat. 

(3) You only need to drink them if you can't get all your proteins from food - this only really applies to people who train with weights. 

(4) People forget that there are calories in them! Hell, in the mass gainer drinks you can have 300+ calories in one drink! NOT GOOD if you're trying to slim down. If you're tracking calories, read the label, you mught be drinking calories and totally ballsing up your diet! 

I've tested this on myself and went without protein drinks for 6-8 weeks at the back end of last year. Instead I consumed all the protein I was meant to have. The result? well I didn't shrink away! I didn't actually see any noticeable difference at all, apart from it saving me money

Why do I drink protein shakes twice a day now?? Coz I can't eat them all as I'm buling this month! After this month I'll stop taking them again. 

(here comes the disclaimer.....)

**I'm NO PROFESSIONAL!! This is just my opinion**


05 Feb
Lol no its cool I get it and yea I know what u r saying that's why I asked an article I read a few months ago said we eat protein carbs sugars and fats so why do we need the extra protein shakes (just extra cals) but I always see GNC with the shakes promising weight loss and lean muscle building and I'm scare of getting fatter so I shy away.
06 Feb
Totally agree with Scotty. I am working out for more than 10 years now and never have there been the need for protein drinks. In at least 90% of the cases you'll be fine with the nutrition you get through your normal meals. The reason why I see people having these powder stuff is just that they have no clue of what they're doing and that they wanna look cool and strong in the gym. And the companies itself they would promise everything just to sell their (expensive) stuff. My advice: save your money, eat clean and attentive and work...
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Feb 6, 2015 9:55am
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What Scotty....there are to many fad diets or workouts recommending there or an affiliates protein, using little or no research and what they have is took shoddy biased funded research and used it as a money spinner...

To the point I seen a comment from a guy saying he took protein for a month and didnt lose a single pound its madness.

For cardio its not needed to build muscle mass it usefull but most can achieve from good natural foods which is a better choice, as humans we have consumed them for millions of years and billions of years before humans Vs 50 years of refinded and processed protien powder.

To answer the difference there are different kinds of whey protein..they abosrb at different rates which is why a blend is usually better than just a standard powder, but the blend should contain whey isolate which is the best form of protien as it abosrbs quicker than the rest but the rest then absorb afterwards at different rates giving you longer lasting hit or protien ...  You get what you pay for as its usually the most expensive! (Optimum Gold or Phd Pharma HT+ are imo the best)


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