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Feb 5, 2015 8:25pm
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Hi everyone! So, seddllebags (or however it spells) are one of the biggest problems I have. I've tried A LOT of different workouts and diets, but I lose weight everywhere except on my upper legs. Can anyone please recommend me a good workout or tell me their experiences with seddllebags??? Thanks!!!

05 Feb
By saddlebags do you mean muffin top? If so then I think diet is more important.
06 Feb
What do u mean upper legs aren't saddlebags the ones where ur outer hips are? If so I have the same problem girl and I try tons of stuff but mine only show when I sit or squat it makes my butt look weird my husband likes it why? God knows cus I sure as hell don't I'm doing julianes killer buns n thighs with ankle weights its getting kind of tight (: but don't worry too much at least ur not fat
06 Feb
O so that's what saddlebags are:). Anyway, I think diet is still more important, then cardio.
06 Feb
Thank you for advices! I'll try it :D