Help! Can't seem to gain any weight..

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Mar 24, 2015 1:59am
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Hey! If I was to describe my body shape, I'd describe it as resembling a stick. I have no curves, whatsoever. Flat in all possible ways. I have tried increasing calorie intake, and increasing the amount of protein I consume. I do exercises everyday, but nothing seems to work. I have toned up, but there has been no substantial muscle mass produced. My main goals are to increase muscle mass in my calves, and butt. I would love some tips! I do not have access to weights, and I can't afford any fancy protein bars or powders... Any ideas would be much appreciated. I also understand that everyone is different..But in your opinion, if I worked for it everyday, could I see results by the end of May?
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Mar 24, 2015 2:54am
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Yes if you work hard & consistently you can see results that quickly. Eat more protein, perhaps. Eat more nuts & seeds. Do squats for big gains to butt & legs.
Just Squats
Or practice doing pistols, which are one way to maximize using body weight for more muscle. I stand on a stool set up near the wall. That way I can practice the form & build up the strength necessary for full fledged pistols on the floor.
Legs Pt 1

Eat protein after working out. Rest well.
Keep a log & keep pushing your max reps to higher numbers.
I would suggest not every day, since a big part of muscle building is growth/rebuilding, which happens while resting. Try two or three days per week. Some people have a harder time getting the body they want than others, depending on genetics. You might just be naturally slim. Exercise, good eating, & you will be the best & hottest version of your own unique self you can be. Whether your happy with that or not is a whole other kind of exercise.

24 Mar
I always forget to allow my body to rest. Which may be a part of the problem. When I stop moving, I always feel like my progress is moving backwards. So Thank you for the reminder! I am definitely going to start doing "Pistols"! Those look amazing! And I am happy that you suggested seeds and nuts for protein. Meat prices are crazy high right now, so an alternative is much needed. Thanks again.
24 Mar
I don't really consider nuts & seeds a protein source as much as a CALORIE source, mostly fats (healthy fats)... Alternative cheap protein would be more rice & beans, or homemade wheat gluten (seitan). Look into tempeh, also. On your "off" days from trying to build muscle, try doing light cardio to keep your momentum.
24 Mar
Eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, tuna fish, and depending on the sales you can find, some protein powders are quite budget friendly for the amount you get per dollar.
24 Mar
My family practically survives on Rice and Beans.. So I got that one down. Haha But what is homemade wheat gluten.?
27 Mar
You can Google it of course. It's the protein of the wheat. Often used commercially as a meat substitute. You can buy it, it you can make it with flour and water, and some Spices for flavor. It involves making dough with flour and water, soaking it, then kneading the starch out of it in water, so only the gluten remains.
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Mar 24, 2015 7:38am
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To grow muscles you need muscle stimulation which requires weighted exercises. A gallon jug or a bag filled with bricks or anything would do you don't necessarily need a gym but to gain muscle you need to tell your body what is expected of it. Calculate your calories going in and out, and if you still don't gain atleast a pound in a week than up your calories intake another 2-300, almonds can be your friend, drink plenty of water and healthy fats from peanut butter nuts olive / coconut / fish oil and a general calories goal for gaining is 20 times your bodyweight in pounds if you're weight training!. Good luck