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Apr 16, 2015 2:26pm
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Ladies I've been using the depo shot as birth control and well it's getting I'm my way everyday I have my period and killer cramps nausea back pain and lately my boobs hurt alot they feel tender when I run they kill me they seem to have grown but I'm positive I'm not pregnant I haven't gained weight I've been losing it. Sometimes during my workouts I get very light headed. I went to my doctor she says I have to wait till it's time to get another shot to switch methods but for now I have to deal with it. I take painkillers but they won't help it's a pain really low like the kind u get when ur giving birth I don't even use shorts anymore do any of u have this problem or have had it what did u do?

18 Apr
Im on the shot too i too bled for ages & theres often weight gain but its all manageable it doesn't last forever i was scary for me but i just stick with it.i no longer get a period at all.
20 Apr
Really? Until when did you stop getting your period? I have 4 days at the most without my period but then it happens again
21 Apr
I was on the shot and my pms lasted for a whole month straight and my sister same thing but for 3 months and we got off of it due to losing so much blood we got sick I used to have really bad cramps with the depo and last like 2 weeks then my dr moved me to another birth control that I get it every 3 months and it lasts abt 3 to 4 days n light no pain whatsoever but every one is different go on and try something else it might be better for you
21 Apr
It sounds just like what is happening to me. This depo shot isn't for everyone I didn't know it would be this bad I started developing white spots on my legs face and arms this past week I never had that
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Apr 16, 2015 11:25pm
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For me, yoga helps a lot to ease menstrual cramps... maybe that birth control is not good.for you... definitely you need to change... your health is very important, take care...

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Apr 17, 2015 12:01am
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Don't really have any advice for you but you should research and ask around before you choose your next method of BC. I was wanting to do the depo shot, but after asking a ton of people, I decided to go with pills instead. I had heard a lot of bad stories about it.
Hopefully you can find something that will work better for you!

17 Apr
Don't u gain weight with the pills? I'm just scared of getting fat or pregnant again I have to wait 4 years till I can have another baby because of my uterus but I'm changing my pad 8times a day it gets full and I feel crappy
17 Apr
I haven't gained weight with them although that would be great for me if I did. I'm taking a different type of pills this time around. No weird side affects at all.
17 Apr
Wow really? I'm going to try different bc now
17 Apr
I've heard it's different for everyone. I know my cousin was put on pills because her periods were so heavy.
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Apr 20, 2015 9:35pm
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Ive had the mirena IUD for 2 years. Still lost alot of weight on it and my periods come normal with no pain or cramps whatsoever. I love it!

14 May
Wow I'm due already for my birth control I'm still bleeding a lot Idk what else to do I went a few days ago to the clinic to speak to someone over my options and we'll the lady attending me kept giving me attitude pretending to know everything even though I explained to her my pads are soaking she didn't care she just gave me another pamphlet and said read it I told her I read it and I still wanted to talk to the nurse she kept refusing so I left
15 May
I reckon you should go see another doctor. Thats so rude of her.
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Apr 21, 2015 6:58am
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I quit all hormones four years ago and it was one of my best decisions ever. I used NuvaRing that releases a lot less hormones in the body than pills but when I quit I was just baffled by how much it actually affected my body, in terms of decreased sexual desire and so on (I often say that of course hormonal birth control works, there will be no babies made if you never feel like making them ).

Options are for instance using condoms, safe periods, diaphragm or the FemCap, which I've looked into but not tried yet. It's like a tiny diaphragm that you place so it covers the extocervix/portio (anatomy in a foreign language, gaargh) and you can have it in for up to 48 hours. As far as I understand you then just have to remove it for a while before reinserting in. Unfortunately FemCap seems to be difficult to get and even though it was invented in the 80's not even birth control clinics and gynecologists seem to have any knowledge about it.

22 Apr
I looked it up, after 48 hours you take it out, clean it and apply more gel to it and then reinsert it. Apparently people who have a very light menstrual flow even use it as a menstrual cup. (Getting a menstrual cup was btw my second best decision ever regarding my body and reproductive system!)