How to lose inner thigh fat or great exercises for burning inner thigh fat

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May 4, 2015 3:41am
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Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of inner thigh fat because I am a blogger and I just started shopping at this extremely reasonable store that ships from overseas. The problem is a large in Europe is like a smallish medium. Ik I gained the freshmen 15 but recently I have been working out and I did lose like 5 pounds. The jumpsuit I bought goes up my legs but at my inner upper thighs and close to my butt it gets stuck. Ik if I just burn the fat up there then I should be good to go. Still I want to do cardio but I still like my curves so any suggestions? Any workouts I could do to burn inner thigh fat but remain curvy and fit my gorgeous jump suit? I am trying to lose a lot of weight this year and I need a good start. Any great exercises for burning inner thigh fat?

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May 4, 2015 3:47am
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You'll get a lot of suggestions for leg workouts but the truth is you can't target where fast gets lost. You eat right and exercise, create a caloric deficit (burn more than you eat) and you lose fat, but WHERE you lose it is not related to what body part you exercise.

So you just gotta lose weight any way you can (diet & exercise) until you see a difference where you want.

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