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May 6, 2015 11:47pm
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I started using this app August last year and was progressing and saw some results. I began slacking around in December and by the time February came, I completely stopped working out. I want to know how to get back on track to get fit in time for summer. Any ideas please? {112 lb, 5'3", 17 y\o}

07 May
First of all, make sure you're eating right- you won't get results without a healthy diet. It also depends on what you're trying to do: are you trying to lose weight, build muscles....? If you want to lose weight then you need cardio to burn calories. Weightlifting is also a great fat burner and builds muscles at the same time. Running tones your muscles and burns calories. Ab workouts are key to maintaining a strong core (don't forget a healthy diet....) All of the workouts and programs here on Skimble are great too (like you were doing before) Overall these...
07 May
Thanks for the advice. My goal is to get a slimmer waist and loose belly fat so my abs can be defined.
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May 7, 2015 4:42am
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HELLO Rachel, I AGREE with Chrisi P. All of what she said is necessary. And you said you wanted to lose in your waistline area to have and show more of a definition in your core? You need to know that you cannot spot reduce. You have to do cardio and some weight training to burn calories. Having more muscle will help you burn fat while also at rest. Basically, you will lose and tone all over. Not just your waistline. You know yourself better than we do therefore, YOU know your trouble spots. We all have them. I certainly do because I'm 50+ and it's not as easy as it was in my 30s to get back on track. I say this because I stopped too for a while, due to the fact I wasn't seeing results. I always saw results. I've been working out since 1983 and became a Personal Trainer in 2010. Yes, I've hit plateaus but never like this. Nevertheless, I'm getting back on track and no matter what, by the strength GOD placed in me, I WILL persevere and find the cause of what I need to do to maintain being comfortable in my skin. So try and keep exercise as a way if life. You wouldn't not brush your teeth, so look at staying FOCUSED, FIT and FUNCTIONAL AS A WAY OF LIFE. #BLESSINGS!


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