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May 7, 2015 10:51pm
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I'm trying to build a more shapely butt and legs while also tone my tummy, I have a really high metabolism so I find it hard to put on any weight, I am already quite slim but with a pouch. I've read that people in my position who would like to build their curves need to eat more as a result, especially protein, but at the same time I know eating more than I burn wont do any favours for my tummy. Any advice on what I should eat to achieve both ?

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May 8, 2015 1:40am
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Hi - a lot of what you are saying and wanting contradicts. If you want a tone butt, legs, and tummy, you first need to understand your body type (scientifically). You're what the "science" calls an ectomorph or hard gainers. This is not a bad nor good - it's just the way you are and you need to understand what kind of workouts work best for your body type. I am an ectomorph so my workouts are high intense weights, gymnastics rings, and jogging/soccer ONCE per week. If I do more cardio, I risk getting extremely lean.

So in summary, if I were you, I'd do something like cross fit or high intensity workouts that require immense strength... Coupled with a few cardio days no more than 30 mins.

Food wise, increase your carb intake to 2-4 cups of low glycemic, stay away from sugars, and include essential fats. Eat 5 times a days, 2-3hrs with lots of water.

Embrace your body type and don't try to measure up to someone else's body type - that's a great self induced prescription to start having body dismorphic disorders.

Good luck! Holla if you need anything else.