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Jun 17, 2015 9:24pm
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Ladies and your bellies I've got a soft tummy after my two babies one is two the other will be one soon and my belly is soft why!?? Have u guys seen or done a good workout for this? If I tighten my abs I feel them but I still have that layer of fat I'm trying to lose the thing is my skin looks nasty like if I pull on the sides it looks nice but when I let go it's wrinkly it's so horrible most mom's I know have a sad belly button like it's frowning and mine doesn't it's like a vertical line it's ughh kill me will weighted abdominals get rid of this I also have strechies on my tushie it's I hate myself right now how r u guys doing it???

17 Jun
Because the skin is stretched snd the muscles kind of loosen a bit . Just need too do cardio first then ab exercises afterwards especially lower ab exercises . I don't thonk mine will ever be perfect but i don't have enough protein . Need to change that xx:-)
17 Jun
I have stretch marks on my hips / butt and stomache i don't like them either but once u get more toned you'll feel better . :-)
17 Jun
U think so? Why does everyone tell me diff things some say keep doing abs other no do cardio and weights I'm traumatized I just do everything
18 Jun
Cardio first. You can't "spot" tone trust me I tried! But I have some great help and loads of smart peeps telling me cardio, cardio and cardio! As for Ab work, can't just work the abs. You have to also work the obliques and transverse abdominals. Check out some of my liked. *Erin has some great oblique workouts!