Can't stop comparing myself

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Jun 19, 2015 9:12pm
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I work out and eat healthy. Not as much as I should but I've been increasing it. I have a problem where I compare myself to other girls who have my goals that I want and then I get very discouraged and feel as if I'll never be able to look like that so why try? I know part of my anxiety and depression have a play in it. I just wish I'd be able to look at a girl or my skinnier friends and not get jealous, more insecure, and lose faith and motivation in myself. Any suggestions?
19 Jun
You just have to believe that you are beautiful in your own way. Those girls may have a completely different bone structure, which makes them look different from you. They may be skinnier than you, or more active, but you are you! You are truly beautiful being who you are, don't change that. Just be healthy and stay you.
19 Jun
I really know How do you feel! I like do this 'compare with myself' Who I am now and who I was the month or the last year
20 Jun
Ashley is right . I used to do that and i since i've got older i got a bit more confident, and since being on skimble not so much . I have lots of flaws . It will take time . When u start to see results it will give u confidence. But we will help ,anytime . You've made a start so be proud of yoursef you''ll get there . Xx
20 Jun
You shouldn't do that. I did the same when I was younger and kept disappointing myself. I got older and realized I don't need to do that there is people that will like u for u everyone is different wr have different bodies and achieve results at different times. Just think I'll work harderr that's all.
21 Jun
As a guy I actually do the same thing you do. (and so does every guy out there ) I even used to do it with my job. I always wondered how I compared to the next guy. One day a buddy at work came to me and gave me this advice. "Stop worrying about what other people are doing and just focus on yourself. If what you're doing isn't working, then F***ING stop it and do something else." I applied the simple advice to my job as well as my fitness goals and dramatically improve both. Applying it to...
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Jun 27, 2015 6:37pm
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Hey.  When you get older, you will probably wish that you had the body you have now. Try to appreciate it.  Trust me,  i used to think i was fat at my weight 10 years ago and now i wish i could get even close to that weight. 

Try to be happy with what you do, like if you work out every day.  You know you're making progress.