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Jul 7, 2015 3:00pm
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Hey ladies .

I'm a 21 year old, female who recently lost a lot of weight. I used to run long distance but a recent injury has left me sitting on the bench. As a result my workouts have been limited and the intensity dropped.

I am relatively toned and I am very happy with the majority of how my body looks however I have recently become more and more conscious of the pouch of fat lingering just below my belly button. It is especially visible from the side and because I'm quite skinny it's become more obvious.

I do resistance training and I try to do abdominal and oblique workouts at least three times a week.

Recently I stumbled upon an article on the internet which praises the use of body wraps. Especially the stretchy, velcro wraps worn around the mid section. The article mentioned that the wrap can be worn during workout sessions and it promotes sweating which can reduce the appearance of 'moderate bulges' such as mine.

Is this true, and is it worth the investment on my part? I seek your advice.

07 Jul
I'm no lady but you can do bodywraps from the plastic foil you use to wrap food . HOWEVER a friend of mine has used some full body wrap costume and he did sweat BUT the body has it's own way of heating . Anything that you use to over heat your body in order to sweat more might just be a problem for your blood vessels and heart so be careful .
23 Jul
Use Saran Wrap it works just as well. I usually apply lotion on, wrap up my midsection before hitting my cardio. Just make sure It's nice and tight. Definitely helps, if you want a greater result wear while you sleep just not as tight.
26 Jul
Purely nonsense, easy as that. Those only make you sweat which means losing water. Not only can you have it easier with cardio exercises, but you don't wanna lose water, you wanna lose fat. And the ONLY way is the calory deficit and exercises to tone your muscles - core and abs in your case. Don't waste your money on this "it's easy and you don't have to work for it" crap
02 Aug
As far as I can interpret of these body wraps is that it's corset waist training come again. Wearing these "corsets" distribute fat into an hour glass shape but doesn't get rid of it. The little fat pouch (which we all struggle with) won't really be affected by corset training techniques. But that's just my opinion. Let me know if it does work kuz that's my problem area too