Waist training?

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Aug 22, 2015 7:53pm
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Is there any other way I can do waist training without buying a waist training corset? not feeling good about my body at all

22 Aug
Not really. The cheap fabric ones don't do much or give much reduction. If you want to waist train you're just going to have to put the money in for a real corset.
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Sep 6, 2015 7:10am
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Depends how much are we talking about... 2 inches or 10

The stores sell the spanks stuff and they have one thats for the stomach and clips under the crotch i bought one a size too small and wore it for 2 years (before this trend got big) and i lost a little over 2 inches but its a less dramatic look than the girls who shrink their middle till its kinda grotesque (in my opinion)

If you add me you can see my pics i have one that shows my stomach after the training hope this helps