Butt Isolation

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Jan 26, 2016 12:44am
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Can anyone suggest some exercises/workouts that target and help grow the butt without making your thighs bigger? Thanks
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Jan 26, 2016 2:05am
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A couple things to consider.

- glute isolated exercises will still stimulate either quad or hamstring muscles. Which is not a bad thing.

- unless your squatting 225 like a freaking beast. Your thighs will not become overly huge. Yes, your genetics will dictate how big such muscles will become. But unless you are 1 out a million ladies that have naturally hight testosterone levels. You needn't worry.

- If you already have big thighs doing things like barbell squats will only make them more defined. Which is a great thing because they will look smaller.

Now onto my favorite isolation glute exercises.

1). Single leg hip thrusts with barbell.
2). Goblet squats
3). Glute kickbacks on cable machine
4). Glute pressdowns on assisted pullup machine

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Thank you
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Thank you
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Sep 11, 2016 2:35pm
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My problem is that I am searching for a workout to isolate my butt, I'm looking for how to increase it. Everything I search for is big girls who have toned what they already have. I'm a skinny white girl who has a flat butt and trying to improve that. Everything I have seen is either girls who were already blessed or girls who were already big.

I also see a lot of eat more calories. Don't run because it cancels out the resistance training.

I do donkey kicks set of 10x3 increasing weights each time
Same with fire hydrants
I do sumo squats set of 10x3 increasing weight each set
Side lunges
Elliptical about 5 min three days a week
And run two days a week either on treadmill or outside
I've started drinking protien drinks
I eat eggs and chicken  most days

What I'm looking for is one am I on the right track for results and how to increase what I do already

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Sep 13, 2016 12:09pm
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Hey Dexxi

Sounds like you are in the right track. If you want to gain muscle on the but. You have to lift heavy and frequent. Don't be scared to build up to strong lifts. Specially exercises like squats and hip trusts.

Eating more calories than you burn is a solid advice aswell If you want to gain some muscle. This because you need energy to build. So eating right and training hard is the road to success.

So it sounds like you are on a good path. If you want any more specific info, just shoot.

13 Sep
thanks! so adding more weight and more reps is what I am supposed to be doing?
13 Sep
If you want to grown stronger and gain muscle. You have to increase the weights you are lifting. Also your volume is important. I don't think you have to really increase your reps. It can even be beneficial to train in lower reps ranges but heavier weights.
18 Feb
Thank you