No pain no gain?

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Feb 9, 2016 12:47am
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If you don't feel burn during a workout or soreness the next day, does that mean the workout isn't working effectively? Will you still see results?
09 Feb
That's not really true! Any work is still work. You just want to be sure that you're doing the movements correctly in order to work the muscles the right way. Hope this helps!
15 Feb
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01 Mar
what Sean said... if you arenew to the workout you will have soreness the next day or 2, but once your body starts to adjust there will be less soreness.
26 Apr
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Feb 9, 2016 5:10pm
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Feb 9, 2016 7:47pm
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If you are just starting working out you will feel sore for the first week or two. Then over time your body will be able to recover quicker. X

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Mar 2, 2016 5:59am

Yes workouts really help us in many ways.Thank you.

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Mar 9, 2016 8:04pm
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Great to have a recovery drink. Can really shorten your sore time. Whey protein isolate for directly after workouts.. Whey protein for daily replenishment when you don't eat much protein throughout the day. Don't worry, your not going to get all big and muscled out from protein. Protein helps repair muscles.