I need to be motivated or someone to remind me to workout

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Feb 18, 2013 2:04am

I got heart disease in the family. Unfortunately I inherited that and my godd n bad chol is screwed up so I take meds....I'm only 33!

when is the best time to workout early in the morning or late afternoon or before bed? Before or after a meals? drink or snack before workout? Eat meals or snack or drink lots water after or drink protein? Eat protein after workout?

If I workout before work 5am, that's impossible cuz I'm moody that early. I can't workout late morning cuz of work. The best time if its work weeks, it would be before dinner or before bed.

i work 5-7 days a week so it's hard to find time to workout.

is it best to workout less than 30mins a day when I work? Could I workout for a few minutes daily during my world days and workout for hours on off days?

18 Feb
Hi. Im no pro. But I would nag on you to workout. Whats the nature of your work? If your work makes you do a lot of physical work then your headed in a good path. If you can wake up early before work then you can try to workout. It all depends on your preference. If your more awake and alert and have more energy in the evening then do your workouts in the evening. For nutrition, eat two hrs before a workout. Or eat lightly an hour before a workout. You must eat protein so your muscles repair...