Running !

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Jun 3, 2013 1:14pm
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I have to build my tolerance up for running a longer distance at one time.

Does anyone have any tips ?!
Their more then appreciated !

03 Jun
Train for time that's how I builded mine :)
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Jun 3, 2013 5:27pm
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You start out with an average run and gradually progress

Hope that helped you

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Jun 3, 2013 7:39pm
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When I began running I wasn't very good, I would up the intensity in 1 week intervals. I set a goal of 2 miles to start with. I ran as long as I absolutely could. Then I would power walk for 30-45 seconds then begin running again and repeat. Then the following week I would push myself to run 2 miles but spend more time running when I would have to power walk it would only be 15 seconds. Then each week add to the distance as you feel comfortable. Also, try high intensity interval training. Forces your body into high intensity cardio for short amount of time which helps build endurance. They key to running is to push yourself to the point of improving but not to over do it. It is easy to injure yourself and does not take long to lose the progress it took so long to gain. Rest when you need to and don't ignore what your body is telling you! Also, run 3-4 times a week. I hope this helps. I would also like to say that I am no expert and this is the training that has worked best for myself. Good luck and run hard!
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Jun 3, 2013 8:15pm
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The reason I got onto this app was because I had to stop running. Compression is worse than shin splints, I promise.
Running was great exercise, and is for those with that gift. I loved the scenery, when I got to run in Great Smokie. I liked  my neighborhood at 330am.
Now, I'm stuck in my basement doing Tacfit + body building for 40 gut busting minutes.
Run, ma'am, run. Enjoy. And be careful.

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Jun 4, 2013 12:13am
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I agree with Ryan.   I started the same way - ran and walked 1 mile and slowly added more miles.  Then at the end of every mile I ran,  I would power walk for 15 to 30 seconds.  During this power walk,  I would take a sip of water.   Breathing timing is important as well...  While running,  I breath in for 3 to 4 steps,  then breath out for 3 to 4 steps.  Once you get your rhythm going,  it will get easier.  Include some weight training,  mainly squats,  lunges,  etc.  This will build endurance also.  I can now run up to 13.5 miles at one time under 2 hours   Hope this helps and good luck!