Hey how get your veins pop out ??

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Jan 1, 2014 4:50am
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10 Jan
What a random thing to want!!! But truthfully I think they're sexy too :p
12 Mar
Low body fat, and also being dehydrated while working out will make them pop even more, but that's dangerous. Hugh Jackman did that while training for Wolverine, which is why he has so many veins popping out in the movie.
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Jan 1, 2014 6:18am
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Some are natural but others aren't some.peoples viens pop our of their hole body that means they are using performance enhancing drugs some you can aquire through working out that part of.your muscld.the big one is your forearm and on your bicep around the mid shoulder can be a sign of.steriods in some.people so workout or cheat and DONT USE STEROIDS IT GIVES YOU MAJOR HEART PROBLEMS LOOK AT ARNOLD SWANAGGAR(ignore spelling plz)

01 Jan
Iget some when do workout.But they dissappear after some time!!should i do intense workout to get them permanently??
01 Jan
Are popped out veins normal ? I have never used drugs but i still have them..
01 Jan
Yes they are normal.It may be genetic or you may hv less fat deposit under your skin!
01 Jan
Veins pertruding from your body really arent a sign of steriod use, its low body fat and from being highly vascular ie strong in the cardio department. When are work out my veins really really show up and when I fight, the night of the fight my veins show really bad because my body fat is really really low and ive never touched steriods! Its normal in some people depends on genetics and exercise habits.
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Jan 1, 2014 2:51pm
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Low bodyfat

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Jan 1, 2014 3:15pm
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I used to have them when I worked out constantly.... But now that I've put on a lil more weight and not working out as hard as I use to I only c them when I work out

03 Jan
My veins pop out all the time even wen i nt working out an i have never used steroids in my life

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