15 teen who wants better abs?

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Jan 5, 2014 2:28pm
via iOS
Hey. Im a teen who just started using this app. Now I want to get better abs for the aesthetic look and for the strength. I started to use the 6 min workout called the Quick Abs workout. Im asking for your advice if you would like to suggest something or a workout I can do. Tnx. BTW: i already have a six pack, i just want to straighten out their look or to make them stronger. Thanks again.
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Jan 5, 2014 3:47pm
via Android

From an aesthetic perspective you have to realize the biggest factor in having a 6 pack is having low body fat and not actually ab strength. From a workout perspective, I like to use a longer workout with periodic rest. I find that I can get more out of a workout if I give my abs a chance to recover than if I just charge through.