Need six pack fast!!

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Jul 2, 2014 3:51am
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I need abs within the next month. Any suggestions?

02 Jul
U just make a post yesterday stating that you went from half inch of fat to 6 pack abs in 3 days haha
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Jul 2, 2014 6:38am
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The fact that you expect to be able to achieve a 6 pack in a month shows that you have no idea of the work involved.
Months if you are lucky and are exceptionally motivated. 
Nothing worthwhile is achieved quickly. 

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Jul 2, 2014 7:24am
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The main and most important factor in getting a six pack is diet.  You can workout all you want,  but unless you go on a healthy diet, you will not see a difference.  You must stop eating all fast foods,  sodas,  candy,  chocolate,  and fatty foods.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and eat 90% lean meat.  Also drink lots of water.  Then you can start planning a workout.  One of the ones that yield the fastest results is the P90X Ab Ripper workout.

02 Jul
Taylor M nailed it. Only thing I would add is eliminate all bread from your diet. Once you get to about 12% body fat your 6 pack will show itself until then keep on working.
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Jul 21, 2014 4:34pm

Aculaly I just did like 20 sit ups every day for like a week or to to see trimendouse resualts. But I do agree for the most part. Everybodys different.