140lbs 5'11 in need of some advice

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Aug 22, 2014 3:57am
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Im 15 yrs old and new to the concept of working out. I'm about 5'10-5'11, 140lbs so I'm fairly lanky in general. I'm not sure if i should try and bulk up first or if i should just immediately jump into working out. And if i should just start working out is there any specific area i should work on first? Any tips would be great.

22 Aug
I'm no por, but problably just start to work out, no use getting out of shape first.
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Aug 22, 2014 6:54am
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You're only fifteen I wouldn't recommend bulking up just now since you're growing. Just start working out like play football or swim run or whatever.get in shape you have alot of time to bulk up later

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Aug 22, 2014 9:27am
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Hi Dominick! I have a son the same age as you and is very tall and lanky  
As you are new you working out, I would say start off with building fitness and flexibility first. A big issue for taller people can be flexibility, so include some yoga into your workouts.That way you will build a good foundation to prevent injury. There are lots of cardio and flexibility workouts on here to get you started! You could also try workouts that mix bouts of cardio and weights, but start relatively light. The main thing to remember is FORM......make sure you are doing exercises correctly, an injury at your age could give you lots of problems down the line. If you know someone who has experience, workout together, or ask them to make sure your form is correct.
Because of your age (lots of testosterone!) you will see results pretty quickly, which will keep you motivated 
Good luck!!