Something from nothing

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Jan 25, 2015 3:56am
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Always want to work out, want to make it a lifestyle. (Part of it) but an obstacle always seems to be in the way. Right now recently, have gotten too skinny. Have been trying to gain regular weight back. But I wanna go ahead and start working out. BMI wise, around two weeks ago I was a point from being unhealthy skinny. And its true. I am. I was 160, I've never seen 160 in my life. I'm 6'2, & 18. I've always been a chubby kid until I started playing basketball, (freshman year) started running on my own, and eventually kept a normal sized weight. (Wish I would have started working out instead). Junior year we got this new gym man. Who actually pushed us in the weight room. I started seeing improvement and I instantly loved it. I went from benching 90 on sets. To 155 in no time. And my max was 190. (All this in maybe 2 weeks) idk if that's normal speed but just saying, I've never worked out. This was NY first time actually going hard in the weight room. And I fell in love. But for some reason we just quit. And haven't been any where close to going that hard. I've had glimpses here and there, but like I said, obstacles keep getting in the way. This next time going in I want to be commited. I have the mindset. But the task at hand now is literraly starting from nothing. I'm the definition of skinny and absolutely hate it.