Do excessive pushups lead to abnormal big chest

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Nov 23, 2015 12:14pm
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Do excessive pushups lead to huge abnotmal chest cause my forearms and arms looks lil less proportionate to my chest..
Ie 40 inch
Arms 12 inch. Waist 34 inch.

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Nov 23, 2015 1:22pm
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No, pushups do not usually lead to a much bigger chest. Of course there is some development at first, and perhaps this is what you're seeing, idk, but there is a plateau that is normally reached with bodyweight pushups. People can do MORE, like higher reps, which means increased endurance, but to get a bigger chest, higher weight is required.  This can happen if you do any of the pushup variations that increase the weight on the arms.

I don't know, maybe that's just your body type, or maybe you need to incorporate more dips, pullups and inverted rows into your bodyweight routine and further develop your arms and back.

23 Nov
Thank for replying mate. Yes I do variations .like inclined pushups..and also do pull ups . Wat say about the body specs I mentioned. ?
24 Nov
I'm not familiar with measurements, I don't know mine and don't know anybody else's, so have no basis for knowledge or comparison. My reply pretty much was the extent of my knowledge. Do you have any ppl in your life you can ask, just about if you appear disproportioned to them?
24 Nov
Not soo the end ita all in the head... We have made preconceived notions about measurements. .I look athletic. .a lil stocky cauae of wide chest..arms are muscular but not huge and bulging. .am happy and would continue to exercise to stay fit and happy .. Nwys thanks once again
24 Nov
Sounds good! Cheers