How do i increase the width of my Biceps? Please try to answer :)

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Jan 31, 2016 5:36pm
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Hey skimble family
I guess I need some guidance round here, I work my biceps twice a week and have a well balanced diet.
So here's my problem, my biceps, they have a good amount of peak (height) but they lack in the width when viewed from the front. Like they look small when viewed from the front but when seen from the side they look good enough.
And after Scotty said that I need to focus my triceps too, I have been hitting them 2 times too pretty hard. So I don't think its a problem with the proportion. So guys, what should I do to increase the width of the bicep.
Another possible thing that I think is the region JUST below the biceps and just above where the forearms end. I think it is the region which is underdeveloped which I need to target.
I have no idea on this so please help me :)

31 Jan
Hammer curls
31 Jan
About they r a part of my routine but they aren't helping. Btw I read they target the forearms and brachialis muscles which are between your triceps and biceps
31 Jan
Amit* damn autocorrect
31 Jan
What kind of protein are you taking? Yes, you just have to do a combination of different dumbell routines to focus on the arms overall. Hammer curls, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, etc. Start with 15 reps, then do 12 reps with heavier weights, then 8 reps with the heaviest weights. After that do 8 reps with a lighter weight, then back up to maximum weight for another 8 reps. Do this complete set 3 times. Take a good whey protein with a creatine addative before and after your workout.
01 Feb
I don't get to have those protein powder and stuff. I'm just 14 :) so I'm dependent on natural protein
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Feb 1, 2016 1:13am
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Broo. It really comes down to genetics. I know bummer right. But that shouldn't mean you should not try.

If I may ask how old are you?
How many calories you eating a day?
How long do your gym sessions typically last?

01 Feb
I'm 14 almost 15… I eat alott(clean) not junk food but I eat everything clean I get my hands on so my calorie intake is good, my weight I'm 52 and I'm 164cm tall. I workout at home that lasts round 30-45 min :)
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Feb 1, 2016 2:54am
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I read somewhere recently about how you really gotta work on your whole body. That you have to gain muscle over your whole body to increase biceps, or any other isolated body part, past a certain point, which is why you don't usually see dudes who overwork isolation exercises looking like a mutant Popeye with ridiculous bulging out of proportion muscles.

So work on bigger compound exercises. Pullups work the biceps but so much more. Rows. Bench & overhead press. All the big compound exercises, legs too. Deadlift, squats.

01 Feb
Thanks for replying :)

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