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Jul 5, 2013 3:36pm
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I have been really having a hard time finding healthy foods like I excrise 2 times a day I usually workout maybe 6 days out of the week but I am just really having a hard time sticking to the diet like I don't eat candy or chips or anything like that anymore I been really eating alot of meats potatoes stuff like that and alot of fruit I eat but I am usually watching out for calories but I like to lose maybe 10 more lbs But just wanna eat alot healthier

Thank you!

05 Jul
Try substituting sweet potatoes for white. Or add brown rice, quinoa or cous cous. They are healthier carbs than reg potatoes. Keep your meats lean limit red meat
05 Jul
My boyfriend gets hamburger not the patties but the lbs and pork chops, I been really trying to eat my meats because I have a iron problem and plus I am a coffee freak I use to be I use to drink 24/7 but I cut that down to 2 cups a day but it's hard with the milk and sugar plus what meat I am using to eat