8 hour diet

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Jul 15, 2013 2:13am
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Has anyone tried the famous 8 hour diet regime? Could we compare notes? I have started it from yesterday. Makes solid sense to me. Will post the results. Any experience with this?

15 Jul
What is the 8 hour diet if you dont mind me asking what does ut consist of
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Jul 15, 2013 4:01am
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Hi Olivia,
It means eating only in an eight hour window in a day, at least for three days a week. The eight hour slot can be as per your convenience. You have to include eight foods, commonly available, ALONG WITH whatever else you want to eat. No self control, no sacrifices, almost too good to be true. But it works. Also you are to work out for min eight minutes before your first meal of the day. If you google it, you will get a ton of Info. But please do it.

16 Jul
Hi I won't to try it but I don't get how to do it help please
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Jul 17, 2013 7:58am
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Hi Ashley,

The eight hour diet goes like this...
Eat only in an eight hour slot in a day.
This can be as per your convenience.
You have to work out for at least eight minutes before your first meal. Preferably upon waking up.
You may eat anything you want, but nice if you maintain healthy natural eating habits.
Included the following in diet everyday:
Eggs or lean meat
Fruit oranges, apples and other
Walnuts and other Nuts
Green leafy vegetables
Oatmeal ,cereals
Beans, peanuts and other legumes
Just watch the pounds shed and get transformed
If you want to understand the science behind it, do let me know. You may also follow me so that you will be aware of my posts and topics.
Take care !!

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Jul 17, 2013 8:21am
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I'd love to know the science behind it, please explain :)

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Jul 17, 2013 9:33am
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Hi Daniel,

It's like...
The body stores around 1400 to 2000 Kcals as glycogen.
We burn most of it in the night while asleep.
The remaining glycogen is burned when we work out for 8 min minimum.
Now the body starts burning fat. If we get up at 6 am, and have our first meal at 1 pm, we get 7 hours to burn fat.
Also the body gets a rest for 16 hours, when it can repair itself.
The liver restores is glycogen reserves as soon as we eat something.  So only have sugar less tea, black coffee, or water before your first meal, if you must.