Eating Clean

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Jul 15, 2013 3:32am
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I've looked into this because even thog0ugh I exercise a lot and very often, I have been eating less healthy when I have no real routine over the summer. But I dont want to loose weight. Should I do it? Or just wait for my routine to dome back when school starts soon?

15 Jul
I say yesss! Always aim to eat clean it'll make you feel better in general not just when you need it (:
15 Jul
Honey L- I think I will. I had a recent family member die and we've been traveling which means a lot of fast food and not as much time to burn it off. It sounds greta. I've heard ppl say they feel better too so I will do it starting tomorrow. Thanks!!
15 Jul
Its always best to look at things from a long term perspective. Eat clean now and build healthy habits for the long run, that way it will become second nature. :)