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Aug 30, 2013 10:32pm
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I have a fairly active job, eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and protein and am trying to cut down on fats and sugars. The problem is: I'm almost always hungry. I'm looking for some suggestions of good food that will last in my stomach and can be eaten at work or home

30 Aug
Try beans and legumes...or some things with whole grain like wheat breads or rice...
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Aug 30, 2013 11:15pm
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I am working on the same goal amd I know what it feels like. Did you correct the sugar and fat values to the ideal value right away? If you did, that might explain why you feel hungry all the time. You didn't allow your body to get used to the new regimen.

If this is your case, you need to slow down a bit with your efforts. Do have sugar and fat, just try to have a little less. Once you feel comfortable with your intake, you can lower it again, and you can repeat this until you are down to your recommended daily value. This is much like drug detox, really. Come to think of it: sugar and fat ARE drugs!

People always want to see the effect of the change they are making right away, and that tends to be a mistake because your body is still expecting the old regimen. You need to take it slow. Instead of eliminating all extra fat and sugar, start by eliminating a little, and later a lot, until you reach your goal. Don't try to do this overnight.

You also might want to explore foods that are more filling so you can combat The Hunger more effectively. You might want to use the SELF NutritionData website to find foods that are filling. You need to select the Nutritional Target Map tool. Within the map, you have to click somewhere in the upper right corner for the best foods, but in any case, you must click somewhere in the top half of the map for filling foods. Try to include your favorites among those foods in your diet regularly for more satisfaction.
30 Aug
That makes sense, I've been using a calorie counter on my phone for a few weeks now, still eating sugars and fats but realising that the more I eat of that, the less filling stuff I can eat. I think I will start trying some legumes but also on the lookout for more suggestions
30 Aug
You might want to try to make your first meal of the day with mostly just filling stuff to help you stave off the cravings during the first half of the day. You can't avoid fat and sugar, so you will get some in your system later, but in that case, reach for something filling. I love rice, potatoes and pasta, and these tend to be filling as well. I also love beans. Hey, these are all pretty versatile foods if you think of it, so you have lots of possibilities. Soup also helps, but only in the short run...