Amazing food product you found that tastes great

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Aug 31, 2013 6:16am
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You know how, often, the best foods for you are also foods you would rather not eat because they don't exactly fit into your taste palette? I would like to know which food products you have found that were good for your diet and a pleasure to have. I know many of you will say yogurt, and it is a pretty obvious one, but if you can enlighten us with less obvious choices or a surprising bit about how some tasty foods can be used in a diet, I am sure we all would benefit.

It can be simply something really nutritious that you don't need to force yourself into eating/drinking. It can also be something you enjoy eating that also contributes to solving some kind of diet problem you are having. For example, a food product that has lots of protein but little fat that you can use to boost your protein intake without having to worry about fat.

It can be a complex, man-made product like energy drinks, or a simple, natural food like celery.

I have just found out that pretzel sticks are an excellent option for salty snacking if you are worried about fat. Yes, they do have a lot of sodium (good food to munch on after working out), but if you otherwise keep your sodium in check, it isn't bad. I personally use a little less salt than most people do (and don't eat much processed food) and I finish my days with less salt in my body than the recommended maximum, so pretzels can't harm me. Some brands offer pretzels with half the salt, and I prefer those because they actually taste like pretzels and not like salt. But can you believe that pretzels don't have any fat?!

Popcorn also has practically no fat if you don't use butter. I find popcorn to be one of those foods that are good without salt, not like steak or fries, which are despicable without salt. I actually only had unsalted natural popcorn as a kid, and I loved it. Well, you can use that instead of chips.

I find that these two snacks together are a pretty good alternative to potato chips if you are health conscious.