Jelly For Breakfast

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Sep 2, 2013 4:38am
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Is strawberry jelly good or bad for breakfast?
02 Sep
02 Sep
Good for breakfast, but not the whole jar :) whole grain toast, peanut butter and jelly, yummy!
02 Sep
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Sep 2, 2013 6:54am
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It has a LOT of sugar and not just fruit sugar but added sugar, which starts your day off by getting right on that blood-sugar roller coaster. I avoid that if I can and if I do eat sugar I try to do so later in the day so my crash and craving for more happen when I'm sleeping.

Fresh fruit is better. Some good low sugar yogurt, whole grains/low sugar cereal, maybe an egg or something for protein. If you want toast stick with just real butter, and maybe all natural almond or peanut butter. (peanut butter, the "normal" kind in most stores, is delicious, but mostly because it's packed with sugar and hydrogenated oil)

Try a few days without any food with added sugars in the morning. Try to pay attention to how you feel those days and when making any diet changes.