A lil help please??

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Oct 11, 2013 2:21am
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So here's my deal...... I'm not a good eater. I don't mean I eat junk food. I mean I can't seem to get in a routine to eat. I typically eat one meal a day & breakfast was never one of them.
I'm trying to eat more frequent .. smaller portion meals through out the day. Just having a rough go of it. Any suggestions?

I burn way more calories exercising than I take in eating. Which does nothing for my weight loss because of my eating habit... ..... I'm at a stand still and need help!!
Thanks so much for any suggestions..... :•}

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Oct 11, 2013 2:33am
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I can understand I am about the same so what I tend to do is on my day off I prep my food and snacks foe the week. Esp something I can take on the go or stick in my purse. If I pack my breakfast n lunch and take it with me its easier. I can get busy too so I tend to forget to eat so I set reminders on my phone and even I don't finish all if it I make an effort to nibble.  So its a start.  Good luck hope it helps.

11 Oct
Thank you Jess. I'll give that a try.. prepare healthy snacks for my day that I grab on the go.. :-)
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Oct 11, 2013 4:30am

Sounds like breakfast isnt your meal but my suggestion would be to try and eat something at that time of day. It should get your digestive tract working, giving you a little hunger later enabling the start of the more smaller meals approach. Sounds like now your just get going, get into things and then next thing you know you are famished, which makes it really easy to overdo it. Good luck!

11 Oct
Thanks Jason... maybe a piece of toast or a piece of fruit in the morning would be a way to go for me...? :-)
12 Oct
Sounds perfect!