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Nov 10, 2013 9:25pm
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Hey yea I got a question. What do you guys use or eat for protein. I tried eating decent amounts of beef and other meats but now my 6 packs is no longer visible.


But I can't workout effectively with no source of protein. I would try a protein shake but people say they don't work so I'm skeptical. Please help me.

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Nov 10, 2013 10:40pm
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You determine how much protein you need by your weight. For every kilogram you weigh - you need on average 1.2-1.7 grams of protein. For example, if you weight 70kg, you would need on a average no more than 80gr protein (per DAY).
Anything more than that and your body will store it as fat.
Eat veggies and go nuts, but careful with sugars, including natural once, such as those in fruit.
Most importantly - don't be affraid of hard work in the gym. Always fit at least 20min high intensity cardio (your body working on 180-190). And LIFT!
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Nov 10, 2013 11:26pm
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I eat chicken breast, tuna fish, and eggs, beef is a very occasional thing for me (maybe once a week), I guess the rest of my protein comes from nuts and whole grains.

Do you track your calories? That might help give you a better idea of where to cut out a bit, but still keep a nutritional balance, so you don't go over and gain that weight.

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Nov 10, 2013 11:44pm
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Protein amount is always at least on gr. Per lb. I do 1.5 x lbs. As long as you are getting it from low fat sources it should be fine. Even if you are cutting not bulking.  Just gotta make sure you are getting enough cardio. Which also depends on your body type.  I'm an ectomorph. So I do 30 minutes a day. Combine that with LIFTING.  You gotta hit the weights and actually use the protein for repair and building.  Or your body will just store what you don't use. Which is why you cant see that six pack prolly . (Just a guess) if you don't use it you gain it and lose the potential muscular gains.

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Nov 11, 2013 12:20am
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Thanks that makes sense. I haven't been able to go running or do to moony weights cuz of bad weather, allergies, and other stuff. Well anyway thanks.

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Nov 11, 2013 12:23am
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When I played sports in high school my old man started me on whey protein but my favorite so far is muscle infusion it has more vit and min

11 Nov
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Nov 25, 2013 3:34am

I was gonna start a new topic called PROTEIN but saw this was already here so:

REcently I went into myfitnesspal settings and changed the default settings which guide nutrition. You have to do this on a pc rather than the phone app. But the default settings have a low protein percentage, and I've changed it to have a 30-30-40 split for more active muscle workouts. (30% protein, 30% fat, 40% carbs)

I did this mostly cuz for the past two weeks I've noticed a plateau with my pullups. I havent been able to get over 21 in five sets. I sometimes do 6,5,4,4,3.. some days its 5,5,5,4,2... but never over 21 total.

So I started trying to eat 150 grams protein per day. This was more difficult than I expected. I used to be eating maybe half that, or less. I found that eggs and nuts have too much fat for keeping my nutrition macros balanced (sorry if my terminology is off, I'm new at this) and I've been eating a lot of canned tuna and canned chicken. The tuna is a absolutelty GREAT protein source per gram, but the whole idea of mercury has me a little concerned, and I'll get back to that later.

The chicken is a bit more expensive per gram of protein and I have to eat more chicken to get enough, plus it just feels kind of weird to be eating so much of ONE or TWO things... I still eat hard boiled eggs... brown rice... some whole grain bread and a little dairy here and there, but those two, chicken and tuna, are the MAIN protein sources.

Anyway, so after this past week of TRYING to eat 150g per day, and like NEVER fully succeeding, I decided a protein shake wouldn't be a bad idea for added variety of nutrition source and also just getting that extra BOOST in my total protein.

As if it was meant to be, yesterday a friend gave me the last quarter of a jug of whey protein isolate (ISO-100) so I am excited to try that out without having to buy a whole thing of it.  I try to avoid eating a lot of dairy and want to see how my body handles it.

So I started that yesterday BUT what I want to say is two things I've seen:

Today, after a week of trying to get 150g protein per day (from non-shake sources) I was able to do 24 pullups total in five sets. My dips and row pullups also increased. Plateau broken! (I hope)  There could be other factors at play here but... I believe the increased protein helped.

ALSO, as far as the tuna and mercury, its STILL probably not a great idea to be eating so much of it, and its SUCH a shame that we have done this to such a miraculous protein source but anyways, I was looking at supplements and stuff yesterday and I chanced upon this stuff that SUPPOSEDLY helps your body excrete mercury. So I wanna get me some of this stuff, its called CHLORELLA. I was looking up spirulina when I found this other stuff and it was like destiny.


So two things: re-assigning my macro percentages and increasing my protein consumption, I THINK, helped me increase my pullups.

AND, in order to offset some of the mercury concerns of eating TUNA, I am getting me some CHLORELLA (and cutting down on tuna)

25 Nov
:-) u read more on ths stuff thn i do ...awesome..
25 Nov
Wats chlorella???
25 Nov
I honestly couldn't tell you much, you'd be better just to google it. Its some kind of green chlorophyll filled organism... Not quite an algae, idk...what stood out for me was how it may help remove heavy metals like mercury. I have to read up on these more, spirulina and chlorella, cuz I still don't know much of anything besides basically some people think they're awesome. (and want to sell me them)
25 Nov
Doesn't sound like it wud taste very good tht assuming u eat it..ill Google it... :-) it seems like there is so much information tht sometimes I'm not sure which to believe....I've heard a lot bout mercury poisoning....
25 Nov
Still dnt knw much bout it..i knw tht at one time they claimed tht mercury cud been th reason for autism but now they say tht its more thn likely genetic...sometimes i thnk people r afraid to say ...i jus dnt knw
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Nov 25, 2013 4:15am
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If u can't see ur six pack anymore it has absolutely Nothing to do with ur protien intake...plain simple ur eating more thn u need ur body is designed only to use wat it needs if ur eating to much including if ur eating healthy u r going to excess body fat...doesn't how people try to manipulate their diets with low carbs or high protien or no fat or crazy folklore junk its a matter of science ur body need specific recommendations of all!! Eliminating or trying ths way tht way will not work and in long run u will hurt urself everything we do has impact on our body...its system is ran only one way...thnk of a car if i were to remove my oil wat wud happen?? What if i decided tht my car wud run better with out antifreeze wat wud happen? If i put sugar in my tank wat wud happen? Our bodies r th same its needs r specific..u mite more of somthing like u may require more protein like a farm truck will need more fuel thn a small car..but it utilizes tht fuel in th same way ...find out ur daily requirments and make adjustments and u will b back on track n no time keep up th good work

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Nov 25, 2013 7:24am
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Get your fat, carbs and protein in
Stay in a coloric deficit 
Increase protein intake ( whey protien shakes do work..) 
Drink a lot of water
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Nov 28, 2013 2:47pm
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Lots of eggs

29 Nov
If you remove the yolk, you effectively remove almost all the fat, however also removing half the protein. Its about 3g for egg white, 6 for full egg(with 3 fat) depending on how my fats are for the day, I will now often remove the yolks.

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